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10 Reasons Why You Need a New Mattress


Are you wondering whether or not it is time for a new mattress? At West Coast Appliance we sell quite a few mattresses and we get many questions about whether or not it is time for a new one.


In this article, we will discuss all of the reasons that you might need a new mattress.

Noisy Springs

When you get into bed is it really squeaky? When you roll over do your springs make a lot of noise? If your bed springs are especially squeaky then it might be time for you to get a new bed. Squeaky springs might be a sign that your bed is getting old.


Sometimes it is very easy to tell if you need a new bed. If your bed is ripping and tearing, then it is clearly the right time to buy a new mattress. Your bed tearing is a sure sign that your bed is physically deteriorating.

Muscle Stiffness

When you first got your mattress, you might have noticed getting an amazing night sleep. Now, do you notice that you are waking up with a lot of muscle stiffness? If you wake up being sore and stiff every morning it might be time to get a new mattress.

Waking up with Rashes/Bites

If you keep on waking up with rashes on your body, it might be a sign of a couple of different things. Your mattress might be so old that you are dealing with increased allergies trapped inside. Or, you might have bed bugs!

Either way, if you are waking up with rashes and bites and you are sure it is due to your mattress, it is easiest if you just purchase a new one.

Mattress is over 8 Years Old

The life of a mattress is completely dependent on how you take care of it. Typically, the average life of a mattress is about 8-10 years old. So, if your mattress is older than 8 years old and you are wondering if you need a new mattress, we will likely advise you to purchase a new one.

Noticeable Sag

If you can visibly see your bed sagging, then it is time for a new mattress!

Hammock Mattress

The hammock mattress is when you have a very distinct valley where you sleep. So, if you try to sleep in a different place then your body will slowly fall back into the “hammock''. If you have two people sleeping in the bed, there will likely be two hammocks in your bed and the middle would be “raised” higher than the two hammocks.


Are you noticing your asthma is getting worse even though there isn't a reason for the change? Your worsening asthma could be due to your bad mattress.

Can’t Get Comfortable

Do you notice that you are tossing and turning all night and you can’t seem to get comfortable? Your mattress might be the reason. If your mattress just isn’t comfortable then you need to come in and we can find you a mattress that is perfect for you!

Mattress Smells Bad

Finally, the last major sign that you need a new mattress is if it starts to have a smell that you can’t seem to get rid of.

Purchase a Mattress from West Coast Appliance

If you are thinking you need a new mattress you need to come into West Coast Appliance. We would love to get you set up with an amazing mattress that gives you a great night's sleep.


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