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Laundry: Any Way You Want It


Since the first automatic washing machine was sold to the public in 1937 companies have been competing for your loyalty by researching and releasing innovative technology designed to set their products apart and give consumers more freedom and efficiency in how they do their laundry.…

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Signs you Need a New Fridge


You might be wondering if it is time to get a new refrigerator. There are certainly obvious signs that you need a new fridge, such as, it won’t turn on, but what are the other signs?…

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Double Oven Ranges vs Single Oven Ranges


West Coast Appliance offers many types of ranges including double oven ranges. The double oven range is much like the traditional single oven range but with two oven compartments.…

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10 Reasons Why You Need a New Mattress


Are you wondering whether or not it is time for a new mattress? At West Coast Appliance we sell quite a few mattresses and we get many questions about whether or not it is time for a new one.…

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Best Way to Clean out a Microwave


You might notice that your microwave is having a weird smell or looks gross - especially after that leftover spaghetti you warmed up uncovered.…

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Portable Air Conditioners at West Coast Appliance


As we enter into the month of June, it is time to start thinking about your air conditioning needs. Many residents in Orgeon don’t give air conditioning a thought until the few months that we experience high temperatures.…

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How To Take Care of Your Pellet Grill


It is finally BBQ weather and people are starting to pull out their pellet grills! Although grilling and eating can be a lot of fun - we sometimes forget about pellet grill maintenance. The most common question we get is how to take care of a pellet grill.…

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Traeger vs Weber


Bring out those grills - it is Barbeque season!!! It probably comes as no surprise that the grill and barbeque market escalate during the Spring when the weather gets warmer and the sun comes out!…

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Traeger’s New Grill


Have you heard of the new amazing Traeger Timberline XL grill? We just got them in our store and had to jump on over here and tell you all about them!…

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Keep Forgetting Your Clothes in the Washer? We've got a solution


Isn’t it the worst when you keep forgetting your clothes in the washer and then you have to clean them again? We get you, you are busy, and switching clothes over to the dryer gets pushed off to the back of your to-do list.…

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Why do appliances have micro ban?


Microban has been all over television and social media these days. Commercials show Microban in a spray bottle and suggest that it keeps germs off of the surface for 24 hours! So, why would somebody need Microban in their appliance?…

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10 ways to get the best sleep


Here at West Coast Appliance, we have a wide variety of mattresses. Our staff is dedicated to giving our customers an amazing night sleep but getting a new bed.…

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Benefits of Purchasing a Fisher & Paykel Range


The Fisher & Paykel brand is one of our luxury brands that offer a variety of appliances including ovens, stoves and ranges.…

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Best Things to Cook on the Weber Grill


It is almost summertime and that means long nights barbequing on your Weber Grill.…

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Why You Should Purchase a Speed Queen Washer


At West Coast Appliance & Furniture, we frequently recommend the Speed Queen washer to our customers.…

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