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Highlights of the Maytag Top Loading Washing Machine


Our Maytag top load washing machines are always a huge hit. Our consumers love Maytag because of its great reputation for being reliable and consistent.

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Although the top load Maytag washing machine doesn’t offer super unique features like some of our other leading brands, we still recommend them because of their great quality. We love recommending appliances that we know won’t let our customers down.

Special Features of the Maytag Top Load Washing Machine

The consistent and dependable washing of the Maytag is what keeps bringing customers back to the brand. No, they don’t have special pre-treat stations or fancy smart features, but they provide exceptionally clean clothes.

The two most prominent features of the Maytag are the Deep Water Wash Option and the PowerWash Cycle.

Deep Water Wash Option

The DeepWater Wash option will work hand-in-hand with the PowerWash Cycle and the agitator to give an amazing and deep clean. This special option will add more water to the drum. The deepwater will allow the clothes to get wetter and will fight against crusted grime and dirt.

Power Wash Cycle

According to the Maytag website, the “PowerWash® agitator provides concentrated cleaning and robust wash action to remove tough stains.” The PowerWash is a strong wash that works with the agitator to fight the toughest stains and get your clothes clean.

Recommend the Top Load Washing Machine

If you are looking for a top load washing machine that is no-frills but gets the job done, then the Maytag is the one for you. The Maytag top load washing machine gets clothes exceptionally clean without all of the high-end features.

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washer and dryer

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