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Range Buying Guide


Shopping for a new range can be both exciting and tedious.

While you may be tempted to replace your old model with an almost identical product, this is your chance to upgrade your range to one that fits your cooking style and lifestyle. Our Buying Guide breaks down each option to help you make the right choice for your next purchase.

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Fuel Type

Gas, Electric, Dual Fuel

Your first decision will be choosing the type of fuel that will power your range. Each fuel has its own advantages and the one you choose will mostly depend on your cooking style and fuel hookup. Gas offers better temperature control and is more responsive than electric. Electric delivers precision baking and are better at maintaining constant temperature and convection heat. Dual Fuel is the best of both worlds with a gas cooktop and an electric oven but at a higher cost. If your kitchen doesn’t feature a gas hookup, this is an additional expense you will want to consider.

Oven Configuration

Single or Divided

Most ranges feature a single cavity with 2 racks so you can cook multiple dishes at various sizes at once. However, these dishes must be heated at the exact same temperature. To cook multiple dishes at individual temperatures, you can choose a double oven range that features a smaller oven on top and a larger oven on bottom. Keep in mind that while double oven ranges offer more flexibility, they also tend to be more expensive with less options, and you lose the bottom drawer.

Installation Type:

Freestanding, Slide-In, Drop-In

There are three different installation options for your range. Freestanding ranges stand on their own, fit directly between your countertops or on their own with finished sides all around, and typically feature a warming drawer. Slide-in ranges fit snugly between your countertops with unfinished sides and typically feature a warming drawer. Finally, drop-in ranges are dropped in between your cabinets and float off the ground, offering a customized look, and needs to be professionally installed.

Cooktop Fuel

Gas, Induction, Electric

A cooktop is an entire appliance within itself. As mentioned above, you can have a gas cooktop with an electric oven, an electric cooktop and an electric oven, or a gas cooktop with a gas oven. Gas cooktops feature metal grates with an open flame and deliver instant and precise control. Traditional electric cooktops feature either coils or a smooth glass surface at a more affordable price. Lastly, induction cooktops deliver the best of both worlds with instant and precise responsiveness but without the gas hookup.

Cooktop Options

Grill, Grates, Gas Burners, Simmer Burners

The last thing to consider is the cooktop’s features. A grill/griddle add-on provides the perfect surface to make steaks like you would outside or make the perfect pancake. Gas grates come in separated or continuous configurations, the latter providing a smoother surface for you to slide cookware between burners. Sealed gas burners are sealed all the way to the surface to make cleaning easier. Flame failure on gas cooktops automatically turns the burner off when the flame goes out to keep you safe. A simmer burner allows a very low heat on gas burners so you can perfectly simmer soups and delicate sauces.

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