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Bosch FarmFresh™


Bosch has taken a step ahead in the fight against food waste with their revolutionary Fresh by Design™ technology which they have debuted in their 800 series refrigerators.

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The Bosch 800 series, counter depth refrigerators are the quietest on the market at only 40 dBA, and features the state-of-the-art FarmFresh™ system.

FarmFresh™ System Components

The FarmFresh™ system is made up of four key components, the first two being the VitaFreshPro™ and MultiAirFlow™. VitaFreshPro™ helps to stop temperature fluctuations that cause your food to spoil by automatically controlling the temperature and humidity, and the MultiAirFlow™ system boosts air circulation—maintaining consistent temperature and humidity levels at all times.

FreshProtect™ & AirFresh™

Next is the FreshProtect™ filter which absorbs ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit that causes produce to spoil faster. The final component, AirFresh™ filter, is paired with FreshProtect™ and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and neutralizes even the toughest smelling odors to ensure that your fridge will stay smelling fresh.


The 800 series of fridges also feature three movable door bins capable of holding gallon containers and the industry-first FlexBar™. Bosch ensures that organization and storage are never a problem. The FlexBar™ creates extra space by using customizable hanging shelves designed for hard to store items such as wine bottles, condiments, eggs, and so much more.

Led Lighting

Also equipped with corner-to-corner led lighting and an internal water dispenser and pyramid ice maker, Bosch provides a top-of-the-line water filter that removes 99.9% of particles in the water including lead, chloramines, chlorine, mercury, asbestos, and some pharmaceuticals, this guarantees your water and ice are free from contaminants. Integrating all of these features without compromising a sleek and modern design, the Bosch 800 series refrigerators are truly a feat of engineering.

Where to Purchase Bosch FarmFresh Refrigerators

Find these refrigerators at West Coast Appliance in Central Point! For information on how to get in touch as well as store addresses, please check out our location page here.

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