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A Deep Dive into Miele Steam Ovens


As you are shopping for a new oven you might come across something called a steam oven. One of the most popular brands that offer the steam oven is the Miele.

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A steam oven will cook food at much lower temperatures. Instead of cooking food anywhere from 250-425°, the steam oven will cook food at 212°. Although the oven will be much lower in temperature, it will actually cook the food much faster than a traditional oven.

Deep Dive into a Miele Steam Oven

The Miele steam oven is a very high-performing steam oven that has very popular features.

Pros of a Steam Oven

Some of the pros of the Miele steam oven include:

Won’t burn the food: Since the temperature in the steam oven is considerably cooler than a traditional oven, it is much harder to burn the food inside the oven using the steam feature.

Food tastes better: Many people have stated that having a steam oven makes the food taste better. The nutrients and vitamins are sealed into the food which makes it richer in flavor.

Healthier: As mentioned above, the steam function keeps all of the nutrients and vitamins in the food which makes the meals healthier.

Cons of a Steam Oven

Some of the cons of the Miele steam oven include:

Can’t turn food brown: If a recipe requires you to “cook until golden brown” then the steam oven will not work.

Cleaned frequently: Since the steam function will cause a lot of condensation the steam oven will need to be cleaned often.

Learning curve: The steam oven’s functions are a bit different than a traditional oven and so it takes a little bit to get used to. There might be a bit of a learning curve when you are trying to figure everything out.

What Makes the Miele Steam Oven Unique?

Several different brands are available if you are looking for a steam oven. The Miele steam oven is one of the most popular options. Some of the features of the Miele steam oven includes:

MultiSteam: Evenly distributes steam to cook food.

MasterChef automatic programs/MasterChef Plus: “Effortlessly prepare over 150 dishes with precision: Guaranteed results with fish, meat, vegetables and more.”

Cooking on 3 levels: “Saving time and electricity: simultaneous cooking of different types of food without the transfer of flavors.”

Automatic menu cooking: “A complete menu: Temperature, cooking duration, and sequence are automatically determined with Menu Cooking."

Sous-vide cooking: “The ultimate taste sensation: meat, vegetables, fruit or fish that have been cooked in a vacuum.”

Appliance cooling system and cool front: The outside of your oven stays cool, so you don’t have to worry about getting burned by touching the front.

Steam reduction: You can open up the oven without a whole bunch of steam flying into your face.

Recommended temperatures: “Decision making made easy: The recommended temperature for your chosen process appears in the display.”

Where Can I Purchase a Miele Steam Oven?

If you are looking for a Miele steam oven you need to find a local partner. If you are located in Salem, Eugene, or Corvallis, Oregon then you can head into a West Coast Appliance to look at Miele steam ovens.

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