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First engineered more than 20 years ago, the 2-oven electric AGA Cooker is a great choice for those looking for real cost efficiency. The beauty of the 2-oven electric AGA Cooker is that it takes full advantage of off-peak electricity, storing it through the night in specially designed heat bricks located deep inside the cooker. The stored energy is then used to heat the AGA Cooker throughout the day, reducing running costs.

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AGA ovens are easier to maintain

Choose an AGA Cooker and you'll notice that the time you spend cleaning is greatly reduced. That's because the ovens and hotplates of an AGA Cooker are virtually self-cleaning. It's simply because they're always on - any spillages are carbonized, so all you have to do is give it the occasional brush out.

No lingering food smells

As you cook in your AGA ovens, food aromas are drawn away and extracted via the flue. This means if you're cooking something pungent like fish, the AGA Cooker will help keep smells to a minimum.


The hottest oven for high temperature cooking; pastries, breads, roasting of meat, vegetables and poultry, broiling at the top of the oven and frying on the floor.


Long, slow cooking in the simmering oven develops flavors and makes the toughest meat tender. It’s large capacity means several pans can be stacked here; soup, casserole, steamed rice, steamed carrots and poached pears all cooking simultaneously, without any danger of burning.

What to expect

From a toasted sandwich to a perfectly risen soufflé, an AGA Cooker excels at every style of cooking. AGA cakes are fluffier, stir-frys wonderfully fast, roasts more succulent and pizzas perfectly crisp. There's nothing an AGA oven cannot do - and everything it does, it does better.

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Fuel Type Electric
Style Freestanding
Manufacturer Color Dark Blue
Basic Color Blue
Elements Smoothtop
Capacity (cu. ft.) 3.0
Number of Ovens Double
Clock No
Control lock No
Convection No
Delay Bake/Start No
Digital Temperature Control No
Downdraft Ventilation No
Oven Light No
Self-Cleaning No
Additional Information Insulated Covers - An AGA hallmark: two distinctive round insulated covers. Left closed when not in use, they retain the heat within the cooker. Simmering Plate - The Simmering Plate can be used for slower cooking, as well as for delicate sauces and gravies. The surface can hold three average- sized saucepans, and can even be used as a griddle for pancakes, eggs and toasted sandwiches. Roasting Oven - The Roasting Oven is large and always ready for cooking. Radiant heat ensures that roasts and other dishes are cooked to perfection, with maximum moisture retention and minimum shrinkage. The 2 Oven AGA comes with a combination Roasting/Baking Oven. Acts as a brick oven. Perfect for making bread and pizzas. Baking Oven (4 & 3 Oven Models Only) Ideal for pastries, cakes, cookies and slow roasting.
Baking No
Warming No
Storage No
Broiler No
Information 220-240
Sabbath mode No
Width Class 40"
Width 38.75 inch(es) / 98.42 cm
Height 33.5 inch(es) / 85.09 cm
Depth (Without Handles) 26.75 inch(es) / 67.94 cm
Net 900.81 lb(s) / 408.6 kg
Warranty 5 year(s)
Additional Warranty Information 5 year limited parts and labor. 1 year on gas power vent, gas train - including thermocouple, gas valve, pilot assembly and controls thermostat.

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